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Federal Tax Deposit Requirements

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understanding Federal Tax Deposit rules can be challenging, but this knowledge is an absolute "must" for any organization responsible for tax filings and payments due to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).In this material, you will learn where to find information to stay in compliance, how to fill out employer forms properly, as well as how to make corrections to information and to avoid penalties/interest that result from noncompliance. No matter whom delivers your tax payments (either in-house or an outsourced service bureau) to the Internal Revenue Service, the timely and accurate payment of these funds are the responsibility of your organization. This topic gives you an overview of your responsibilities regarding which taxes to withhold and when to remit, how to timely remit and reconcile your withholding payments, and how to keep your organization in a compliant state in the future.


Beverly M. Willis, MBA


Employer Tax Guide (Circular E) - Publication 15

• Table of Contents

• Important Items to Review (Annually)

• Special Rules

Withholding Income/Employment Taxes

• Deposit Rules

• Payments

• Penalties

Form 941

• Form Instructions and Completion

• Schedule B

• Reconciliation to Form W-2

Additional Forms

• Form 941-M

• Form 945

• Forms 941-PR and 941-SS

Form Corrections/Penalties

• Form 941-X

• Form 843

• Penalties for Late Reporting/Payment of Taxes