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Updating Your Employee Handbook to Comply With Recent Changes

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Keep your company protected with a foolproof employee handbook.Judges, administrative agencies, and juries have come to expect even the least sophisticated and smallest of employers to have an employee handbook. Those same judges, administrative agencies, and especially juries, will look at any potential case with disfavor if your organization does not have an employee handbook. A well-drafted employee handbook provides an easy way for the employer to disseminate information to employees, contains objective rules and criteria for unbiased employment decisions, promotes consistency and helps avoid misunderstandings, gives credibility to employment decisions, and is an easy way to comply with various notice requirements. During this topic, we will discuss the basics of employee handbooks/policy manuals including addressing the topics of whether or not to have a handbook at all and, if you have a handbook, how it should be provided to employees; the legal landscape affecting the contents of employee handbooks; mandatory and recommended policies; and acknowledgements. We will also discuss employee handbook traps for employers.


Burton D. Garland Jr., Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.


Handbooks Back to Basics

• To Be or Not to Be

• Advantages/Disadvantages

• Handbook vs. Policy Manual

• How Much Is Too Much?

• Format and Style

• Policies vs. Procedures

• Electronic vs. Hardcopy

• Training

• Updating

• If You Have It, You Better Enforce It

• If You Have It, You Better Keep It Updated

The Legal Landscape

• The NLRB

• At-Will Disclaimers

• EEO Policies

• Harassment and Discrimination

• FLSA (Wage and Hour)



• Workers' Compensation

Recommended Topics

• Introduction

• Policies Unique to the Organization

• Progressive Discipline

• Work Rules

• Time off and Other Leave (Beyond FMLA)

• Privacy Issues

• Unions and Handbooks

• Benefits

• Social Media

• Electronic Use Policy

• Other Important Policies

• Other Disclaimers


Top 10 Employee Handbook Traps