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Workers' Compensation: Return-to-Work Issues

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

This topic is critical for anyone responsible for work injury programs or advising clients on handling work injuries.

Injuries are not planned. They do not further the employee's financial interest nor advance the employer's work production line. Both parties need to work together to determine the best way for the employee to successfully return to work. This information will provide you with a detailed strategy on how to address the many complex circumstances that arise from post-injury return to work issues. You will be made aware of the tools needed to implement effective and efficient early return to work programs. Our material will provide you with a blue print for preparing written policies or guidelines for use in administering an early return to work program. You will also learn how to work with your employee post-injury to explore as many avenues as possible to successfully reenter them back into the workforce.


Yolanda L. Barnes, Barnes Legal Consulting, Inc.


Anticipating Return to Work Post-Injury

• When Injury Strikes

• As the Work Environment Turns

• Stakeholders Rule

Early Return to Work Programs

• The Structure

• The Benefit for Injured Workers

• The Benefit for Employers

• Policy and Guidelines

Early Return to Work Program Challenges

• What If I Need Prescriptive Medications During the Day?

• The Impact of Surgery

• What About Reoccurring Injuries?

• How Should Pregnancy Be Treated?

• Should Mental Health Conditions Be Included?

Transferable Skills - Getting Your Employee Back Into the Workforce

• Vocational Rehabilitation

• Future Employment for the Injured Worker