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How to Conduct Pay Equity Audits

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn how to identify and avoid common pitfalls in a pay equity process.Equal pay is a top legal and social issue, but companies struggle with how to assess and confirm pay equity in their organizations. In a world of increasingly complex statistics, it is more important than ever to perform proactive, privileged equity audits. This topic helps employers navigate the pay equity process, start to finish. It describes how to strategically structure a review, collect a comprehensive roster of compensation factors, and overcome common challenges. The material also deciphers statistical terms and provides simple, plain, English guidance and best practices. Whether conducting a first review, or refining a previous approach, every employer can benefit from the practical advice in this material.


Christy E. Kiely, Hunton Andrews Kurth Kevin J. White, Hunton Andrews Kurth


Preparing for a Pay Equity Review

• Identify the Why

• Establish Privilege

• Define the Covered Population

• Create Your Team

Pivotal Initial Steps in the Equity Process

• Find Ideal Timing

• Create Strategic Comparator Groups

• Think Expansively to Identify Pay Factors

• Ensure Consistency With Established Policies

Overcoming Common Issues

• Data Collection - HRIS Limitations and Other System Challenges

• Data Errors - Flags to Watch out for

• Outliers - How to Find Them, and What to Do With Them

Types of Analyses and How to Interpret Results

• Regression and Cohort Analyses

• The Alphabet Soup of Outcomes - T Stat, P Value, R Squared, and More

• When Should You Be Concerned?

Two Roads Diverged: Where to Go After the Preliminary Analysis

• How to Decide If More Investigation Is Needed

• Honing the Data: Refining Factors and Statistical Models

• Is Manual Research Required?

• Adjustments - When and How to Make Them