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Eligibility and Penalties Based Around the New VA Benefits Rules

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the eligibility determinations and requirements for VA pension programs.There are approximately 18.2 million veterans living in the United States according to the most recent census data (Dept. of Veterans Affairs Fast Facts). A large percentage of them were born in the baby boomer generation and will need care provided by the Department of Veteran's Affairs in the next twenty years. Special pension programs are one way veterans can receive help paying for long-term care costs. This topic will outline the eligibility requirements for these special pension programs. You will understand how to recognize eligibility requirements and assist veterans in making eligibility determinations. You will learn how to categorize assets, income, and medical expenses properly to ensure veterans can take advantage of these programs that allow them to live in their home or a private nursing facility and receive proper care.


Nikki Mitchell, Martha C. Brown & Associates, LLC


Overview of Eligibility Requirements

• Active Duty Service Requirement

- Reserves

- National Guard

• Discharge Type Requirement

- Honorable vs. Other Than Honorable

• War Time Period Requirement

• Medical Requirement

• Financial Requirement

Different Kinds of Pensions

• Service-Connected Compensation

• Survivor's Benefits (DIC)

• Improved Pension (Nonservice Connected)

Overview of Changes Based on October 18, 2018 Change in the Rules

• Brightline Net Worth Limits

• Lookback Period

• Transfer Penalty and Penalty Divisor

• Countable Assets

Calculating Net Worth

• What Assets Are Countable?

• Determining Income for VA Purposes (IVAP) and Unreimbursed Medical Expenses (UME)

• What Portion of Countable Assets Are Countable?

Putting It All Together With Examples

• Case Study 1

• Case Study 2

• Case Study 3