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Evaluating Potential Employee Violence: Protecting the Employer and Co-Workers

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn the tools to prepare for a potential threat, to evaluate the risk of a violent attack, and to intervene in the most effective manner.Get the tools needed to prepare for, evaluate, and intervene to address for potential employee violence in the workplace. Violence is an all too common risk in the American workplace, but many employers businesses fail to understand that hostile grievances or statements made in anger are not necessarily a prelude to violence. An aggressive response or hasty termination is not always the best strategy. Instead, the employer should carefully evaluate the nature of the risk and thoughtfully determine the best strategy for reducing the likelihood of harm and to reduce any unintended consequences of well-intentioned actions. That process also means trying to understand the motives and circumstances of those who come to attention, considering the wide variety of scenarios employers may encounter, and identifying those individuals who actually could pose a risk. This topic will give you the tools to prepare for a potential threat, to evaluate the risk of a violent attack, and to intervene in the most effective manner. The presentation also will help you to appreciate the employer's legal obligations to address workplace threats, while protecting the rights of employees.


Jolee J. Brunton, Work Trauma Services Inc.
Steve Peltin, Foster Pepper PLLC


Introductory Remarks: The Big Picture

• Statistics, Trends, and Our Cultural Context

• What Workplaces Are Vulnerable for What Kinds of Violence?

Legal Framework for Workplace Violence: The Balancing Act

• Obligations to Employees and the Public

• Obligations to the Potential Offender

Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Triggering Contexts for Violence

Prevention Program: Realistic and Efficient Measures

• Policy

• Top Management Support

• Multi-Disciplinary Team

• Outreach: Awareness, Expectations, and Training

• Link to Experts: Legal, Security, Risk Assessment

• Case Response Protocol

• Documentation

• Hiring Practices

• What If You Are a Small Employer?

• Active Shooter Training

Responding to a Potential Threat or Incident

• Strategic Guidelines

• Screening vs. Assessment, Who Should Do What and When to Get Help

• Fact-Finding

• How to Manage Fear

• How Decisions About Risk Are Reached

• Intervention Strategies and Options

• Monitoring and Case Resolution