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Low Budget Onboarding and Retention Tips

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Gain an insight on how to implement a successful low budget onboarding program and how this can lead to greater employee retention.Many companies assume the recruiting process ends when the candidate accepts the offer and gives an agreed upon start date. Actually, that may be a poor assumption. What happens if the new employee does not feel welcome that first day? How does that first impression impact the company's retention of that new employee? This topic will help you develop a best practice onboarding process that is cost effective; and improves retention. New employees will warmly discuss a welcoming culture while becoming more productive more quickly in their new positions. This great new welcoming culture leads to more employee referrals of top performers that saves money in recruitment.


Bill Humbert,


Onboarding 101 - Employees' 1st Impression

• Why Spend Dollars to Onboard New Employees?

• Does Onboarding Need to Cost a Lot? (Quick Answer - No, but)

• Does Your Recruiting Story Match Your Onboarding Story?

What Elements Need Attention?

• Corporate Pre-Hire Checklist

• Manager Welcome

• Team Welcome

• Corporate Welcome

Beginning the Introduction to Company/Industry/Position

• Why Is Company Important in Industry?

• Why Is This Position Important?

• How Best to Communicate in Company

Why Is Retention Important?

• Do You Really Want to Recruit Again for Same Job?

• How Important Are Manager/Employee Communications?

• What Is Considered Regular Communications?

• Why Do Employees Leave Your Company?

Solving the Retention Problem