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Pension Meets Profit Sharing: Equity Compensation for Results, Retention, and Retirement

OnDemand Webinar (80 minutes)

Employers, large and small, struggle to attract, incentivize, retain, and reward employees.Traditional compensation plans that offer a salary, participation in a 401(k) plan, and access to a medical insurance plan are no longer enough to turn heads. To get and keep the very best, employers have to let employees put skin in the game. When the company is ready to go beyond a company match or a profit sharing feature, it might be time for an equity incentive plan. Equity compensation is not just for executives, employees at every level can benefit from an incentive plan that rewards individual performance, business unit performance, and company performance. This topic helps employers get familiar with the factors that determine what type of equity compensation plan is right for them and their workforce in order to motivate performance and retain employees. The information also explains how an equity compensation plan with a deferred compensation feature helps employees plan for retirement. Finally, the material explains the risks created by an equity compensation plan and the complications they can bring to M&A activity.


Angela M. Stockbridge, Wilkins Finston Friedman Law Group, LLP


Where to Begin

• Public vs. Private

• Business Structure

• Cash vs. Equity (or Both)?

Getting Performance Results

• Design Features: Beyond Just a Company Match

• Operational Features: Meeting Specific Business Needs

• Tax Treatment

Retaining Employees

• Golden Handcuffs Design Features

Planning for Retirement

• Tax Treatment of Deferred Compensation

Tips and Traps in Equity Compensation

• Section 409A Basics

• M&A Complications