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Terminating Employees on Protected Leave

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Gain an understanding on the ins and outs of the laws surrounding job-protected leave and how to protect your organization from unwanted litigation.The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was the first piece of legislation enacted under the Clinton administration and continues to be the subject of significant debate in congress over amending the law to make it more liberal and in the courts regarding the interpretation of the statute and protection of employees' leave rights. Other federal and state laws also protect employees during a specific leave, granting them certain rights and potentially limiting an employer from taking any adverse employment action against them. This topic will provide you with the tools to recognize and understand those leave rights, and determine the best practices for addressing employees' problems during those protected leaves.


Eric R. Miller, Esq., The Kullman Firm


Basics of Protected Leave Rights

• Family and Medical Leave Act

• Americans With Disabilities Leave Act

• Pregnancy Leave Rights

• Military and First Responder Leave Rights

• Other State and Federal Leave Rights

Company Policies and Handbooks

• Recordkeeping Requirements

• Sample Policies and Procedures

Litigation Risks

• Discrimination Claims

• Retaliation and Right's Interference Claims

• Best Practices to Avoid the Courthouse