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Beyond the Job Board: Building an Employee Referral Program to Attract the Highest Quality Candidates

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

With the economy up, companies are struggling to get enough quality applicants for their open positions.

Those that don't are swamped with low-quality and inexperienced candidates if they rely almost exclusively on job boards. But in the search for a quality hire, the data is clear: employee referrals are #1. However, most companies struggle to create an employee referral program that gets results. Renowned speaker, CEO, and Hiring Optimization™ expert Ryan Kohler walks attendees through the secrets to creating the perfect employee referral program that is cost-effective, attracts the highest quality candidates, reduces the amount of time HR spends sifting & screening through short-skilled applicants, and is 100% in their control, unlike job boards and recruiters.


Ryan Kohler, ApplicantPro


Secrets to Sourcing

• See the data that says "hiring" is really just "marketing" and arms HR with the proof that employee referrals are (or should be) your #1 source of quality hires.

• How to avoid spending another dime on job boards and get better qualified applicants by turning happy employees into evangelists for your company.

• Steps to motivating employees to refer their friends and friends-of-friends with an employee referral program that's easily set up and administered by HR and easily understood, shared, and rewarded by employees.

• How to get the most referrals based on outcomes (applicants vs. hires) and what nonmonetary incentives are recommended for budget-focused companies.

Secrets to Converting

• The must-know strategy for creating the ultimate "job product" that is Unique, Compelling, and Credible.

• Three simple steps to creating the ultimate job ad that engages applicants, anticipates questions and concerns, and turns clicks and readers into candidates and hires.

• Building the ultimate candidate-focused conversion engine that reduces application friction, screens unqualified applicants, and gets HR the info they need when they need it.

Secrets to Tracking

• Why and how to create an employee referral funnel to track your employees' shares and their referred applicants' views, starts, completes, interviews, and hires.

• How to best track referral rewards and the three things almost every company gets wrong about employee referral rewards systems.