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Shifting How We Think About Work and Family

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Sort through the chaos of work and family balance to create a strategy that builds supportive environments that fit your organizational goals.We live and work in challenging times often referred to as a VUCA world - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. With the only certainty being change and technology advancements, organizations are competing to attract and retain top talent; all the while asking more and more from their employees. This has created a conflicting dynamic between wanting to provide more flexibility and autonomy; with having increased responsibility and work expectations. This demand for work and family balance is challenging organizations to rethink and reassess how they create supportive and sustainable work environments. This topic will help persons responsible for work and family balance sort through the chaos and create a strategy that builds supportive environments that fit their organizational goals. Learn how to address the human complexities within your organization related to work and family balance and develop management accordingly. This information will also help you understand how to bring back the human factor to the work environment; and in turn, motivate and engage employees to bring their best every day.


Stephanie Downs, MS, CIC?, Iowa State University


It Starts With Leadership

• Setting Foundational Roles for Leaders

• Aligning to the Organizations Vision

• Checking Your Culture

Is It Balance or Integration?

• Understanding the Human Complexities at Work

• Work and Family Basics

• Creating Services the Fit Your Population

Shifting How We Think About Work and Family

• Individual and Organizational Responsibility

• Becoming More Developmental vs. Transactional

• A New Skill Set for Handling a VUCA World

Getting Started

• Steps to Begin the Conversations

• Collaborations and Partnerships