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Ethics and Code of Conduct for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Ethics in the workplace can make the difference between improving successful business relationships and productivity or failing in business because of management's unawareness and lack of knowledge about practical business ethics.All organizations should develop and implement a code of conduct throughout every department. Unethical behavior can lead to violations of the law, litigation, a poor reputation, low employee morale, or even total corporate failure. Positive business ethics will improve HR's awareness and knowledge of the best practices that must prevail throughout the entire business structure. Not only will this topic help management learn how to improve employee morale and loyalty, but will create a commitment to the organization, its purpose, goals, and objectives. Even if your company, business, or organization already has a code of conduct, let's get it updated, improved, relevant to your business entity, and working effectively throughout the entire organization, awareness and skill-levels.


Nikki G. Gralnick, J.D., M.P.A., HRM Specialists


Defining Business Ethics

• Understanding What Goes Into a Code of Conduct

• Defining and Understanding the Meaning of an Ethical Dilemma

• Benefits of an Ethical Organization That Has a Code of Conduct Include:

- Employee Commitment

- Performance Enhancement

- Investor Loyalty

- Customer Satisfaction

- Increased Profits

- Social Responsibility Within the Organization

- Positive Stakeholder Relations

Proper Use of Company Time and Resources Avoid

• Conflict of Interest

• Misappropriation

• Bribery

• Accounting Fraud

• Marketing Fraud

• Consumer Fraud

• Improper Use of Equipment and Logins

• The Look of Impropriety

Legal Compliance

• Sarbanes-Oxley Act

• Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

• Moral Philosophies Used Within the Organization

• Procedures in Place for Reporting Violations to Prevent Whistle-Blowing

• Well Trained Corporate Leaders

• Adhering to Corporate Culture and Company Norms

• Ethics Training and Open Communications

Ethics Auditing

Crisis Management Programs

Ethical Team Leadership Throughout Each Department

Adhering to Organizational Culture and Company Norms

Open Door Communication Channels and Policies

Conflict Resolution Program