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Lower Back Injury Claims

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn about the key legal and medical issues of lower back injury claims.This topic will focus primarily on back injuries in the context of compensation claims. The material will include information regarding the physical characteristics of the lower back, the mechanism of the various types of lower back injuries and how lower back injuries are managed and defended. It will also address the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


James M. Mesnard, The Postol Law Firm


The Lower Back - a Lawyer's Perspective

• What Are the Components of the Lower Back?

• What Types of Injuries Are Most Often Encountered?

• What Types of Treatment Are Frequently Encountered?

• Unscrupulous Doctors

Workers' Compensation Claims

• How Do Injuries Occur?

• How Do Work-Related Back Injuries Progress

• What Is the Process for Management of Lower Back Injuries?

• Light Duty Restrictions

• Techniques for Defending Lower Back Claims

Americans With Disabilities Act

• When Does a Back Injury Become a Disability?

• The Duty of Reasonable Accommodation