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Legal and Practical Solutions for Accommodating Employees with Serious Illnesses

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn to minimize legal risks and maximize productivity when managing employees with serious illnesses.Employees with serious illnesses can be challenging to manage. Employers struggle with complying with a myriad of legal protections while ensuring operations continue to run smoothly. You will benefit from an overview of the laws and will gain tips for dealing with tricky leave and accommodation requests.


Christina A. Stoneburner, Esq., Fox Rothschild LLP


Overview of Applicable Laws

Yikes, Where to Begin - Federal Laws

• Family and Medical Leave Act Obligations

• Tips for Managing Intermittent FMLA Leaves

• What Is a Reasonable Accommodation Under the Americans With Disabilities Act

• How to Win in the Interactive Process

• Is Your Employee Pregnant - Just What Does Young vs. UPS Require?

How to Reconcile State Laws With Federal Protections

• State Discrimination Laws May Also Require an Interactive Process

• Family Leave Laws Across the States

• A Plethora of Sick Leave Laws Across the Country Create Further Confusion for Employers

How Does All of This Fit in With Workers' Compensation and Short-Term Disability Benefits?

• Using Light Duty Programs to Return Employees to Work - Pitfalls and Pluses

• Using the Process to Obtain More Detailed Medical Information

• Do Your Current PTO and Disability Programs Discourage Employees From Returning to Work?