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Highway Accidents: A Neglected Source of Occupational Injury and Fatality

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

When an employee is involved in an auto accident a host of issues are presented to the employer.Was the employee in the course and scope of employment, is worker's compensation available, what state's workers compensation laws could be applicable, will the employers auto coverage be implicated and what other remote sources of benefits could be available to help the employee. In this topic you will understand how to identify the applicable benefits available to the employee as well as understand the obligations and rights of the employer in navigating the post injury recovery of the employee.


Mark L. Clark, Parsons McEntire McClearly PLLC


How to Identify If an Accident Occurs in the Course and Scope of Employment

• Which State's Laws Apply

• Deviations From Course and Scope

• Company Vehicles Permanently Assigned to Employees

• Personal Vehicles and the Always on Call Employees

Workers Compensation: When Does It Apply and How Does the Employer Determine Proper Coverage

• Identifying the Proper State of Federal Workers Compensation Laws for the Traveling Employee

• Texas Non Subscriber Issues and the Traveling Employee

How to Help the Employee Identify Other Sources of Benefits?

• Third Party Actions Against Other Drivers

• Uninsured Motorist Benefits of Both the Employer and Employee

- The Interplay of the Employer's UIM Cover and Workers Comp

• ERISA Plans, Voluntary Comp Policies and Health Insurance Coverage