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Employee Wages: Administration of Caps, Freezes, Reductions and Furloughs

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Any cost cutting program presents litigation risk, this course will offer strategies for identifying and managing common risks such as discrimination and wage/hour liability.Even in a strong economy, employers are under intense pressure to reduce costs and increase margins. Along with strategic RIFs, headcount neutral cost cutting options, such as furloughs, working time reductions, and pay cuts are available, but must be used with care. This topic will provide you with a playbook for introducing headcount neutral cost cutting measures. The agenda will include practical checklists and action plans with the goal of mitigating risk. In addition, the information will help you evaluate the utility of extending such cost cutting initiatives outside the United States. Finally, the material will help you manage the nonlegal aspects of a cost cutting program, including advice on communications, PR, retention and brand protection.


Andrew J. Boling, Baker McKenzie Maureen M. Duffy, Baker McKenzie Emily Harbison, Baker McKenzie


Furloughs and Working Time Reductions

• The 7 Step Plan to a Successful Program

• Strategies for Obtaining Union Buy-in

• The International Angle

Leveraging Contingent Workers to Meet the Demands of the Just in Time Workplace

• Is There Room for Independent Contractors in Your Staffing Strategy?

• Successful Strategies for Using Staffing Companies

• The(Continued) Rise of the Bifurcated Workforce and Related Employee Relations Challenges

Compensation: Cuts and Freezes

• The 3 Things Every Employer Should Do Now to "Unlock" This Option

• Scaling and Implementing Pay Cuts and Freezes in the Us

• Can You Put a Passport on It? Strategies for Clearing Foreign Legal Hurdles