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Telecommuting: Is It Right for your Organization?

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Make sure you understand the regulatory requirements and the related risks and potential liabilities that go along with at-home employee work arrangements.We live in a global world where managers and employees do not necessarily sit in the same building, on the same campus or even in the same state. Organizations are always looking for ways to reduce the bottom-line and retain employees. The benefits of this topic include how to reduce overhead cost to the bottom-line; attract and retain the upcoming workforce (Millennials and Gen Z); determine if telecommuting is right for your organization and learn how to create a policy successfully for your organization.


Sharita Robinson, PHR, Robinson Consulting Services


Benefits of Having a Telecommute Policy

• Increase Morale

• Decrease Stress

• Increase Productivity

• Low Overhead Cost

How to Create a Telecommute Policy

• Determine Who Is Eligible

• Structure of Policy

• Forms/Agreements

Industry Best Practices

• Cutting Edge Practices

• Guidelines for Home Offices

• Technical Requirements