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Return on Investment for Wellness Programs

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Learn how you can implement an effective wellness initiative that delivers significant bottom line results.Increasing health care costs and lost work time drain business productivity and profits. Businesses increasingly turn to corporate wellness programs for relief. Less than 1/3 of companies offered these programs ten years ago, but now it is estimated that over 2/3 of large companies have a formal wellness plan at a current price tag of 3.6 million dollars. Unfortunately, new studies suggest that those dollars may not be producing the expected return on investment. This topic identifies various types of wellness programs that can legally be offered to employees and examines what return on investment businesses can actually expect in terms of hard measurable returns and softer returns that present measurement challenges. In this material we will learn to identify and eliminate obstacles to workplace wellness so that your programs can better protect your employees and your investment in their health and happiness.


Tonie Bitseff, Buchalter


How Do You Know If Your Wellness Program Is Creating Potential Liability?


• The EEOC

• Taxation

• Type of Wellness Programs Today

What Return on Investment Can You Expect From a Corporate Wellness Program?

• Specific ROI for Specific Wellness Components

- Preventative Interventions (Including Surveys and Screenings)

- Lifestyle Management

- Disease Management

• Heath Care and Disability Costs

• Absenteeism and Presenteeism

• Mental Health and Employee Wellbeing

• Recruiting and Retention

Obstacles and Opportunities

• Cultural Obstacles

• Legal Obstacles

• Financial Obstacles

• Fighting Apathy and Building Momentum