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Successful Employee Orientation Programs

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Learn how to onboard employees with the organizational information they need to be successful.Employee satisfaction or buyer's remorse? How will your new hires feel in 6 months? Employee onboarding is a critical phase in the employee lifecycle. It sets the stage for future success or failure, for both the employee and employer. Poor onboarding leads to poor performance and high turnover. Quality onboarding leads to engaged employees producing superior results. In a tight labor market, a successful onboarding program is a crucial weapon in the war for talent.


Erik Christian, HR Fit, LLC


Fundamentals of Onboarding

• Purpose

• Impacts Upon the Workplace

• Importance of Employee Experience

Phase 1: Prepare for the Employee

• Employee Experience Preparation

• Recruitment as Onboarding

• Pre-Employment Onboarding Tactics

Phase 2: Welcome the Employee

• Employee Experience Creation

• Strategic Orientation

• First Week Onboarding Tactics

Phase 3: Support the Employee

• Employee Experience Evaluation

• Active Employee Relations

• First Year Onboarding Tactics