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Biometrics: Incorporating Health Risk Assessments and Outcome Based Wellness Incentives Into Your Health Plan

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Learn how you can make biometrics work in your health plan as well as identify key issues when designing your plan.Employers are always looking for ways to control health care costs. More and more employers recognize the important role wellness can play in reducing those costs, healthier employees means lower costs, but are looking for something with more oomph than yet another wellness fair or walking program. A biometrics program may be that extra push your health plan needs. This topic will explain the advantages of biometrics programs and tools to evaluate whether they are right for your organization; identify the key issues employers should consider in designing a good biometrics program, including choosing incentives, funding mechanisms and what to look for when selecting vendors; and explore the major legal issues that must be taken into account, including the HIPAA, ADA and GINA wellness plan rules.


David Flotten, JD, SPHR, Associated Financial Group, LLC


Why Biometrics?

• Wellness and Health Plan Costs

• What Is a Health Risk Assessment and Outcome Based Wellness Incentive

• Using Biometric Plans to Impact Wellness and Health Plan Costs

Designing an Effective Biometric Plan

• Overview HIPAA Wellness Plan Rules and Impact on Design Issues

• Setting Goals and Objectives

• Participation

• Choosing Biometric Markers, Standards, and Scoring Systems

• Nature and Amount of Incentives and Funding Options

• Selecting Vendors

Measuring ROI and Case Studies