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Safe Practices for Working with Aerial Electrical Distribution Lines

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Learn to evaluate work conditions for electrical workers and implement safe work procedures accordingly.Significant safety risks are always present when working around electric power distribution lines and equipment. This information will prepare you to evaluate work conditions on construction, operation and maintenance projects, and then plan and implement safe work procedures, using appropriate techniques, tools and personal protective measures. It will also help you manage an effective safety program for electrical workers.


J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A., Guyer Partners


Aerial Line Work

• Working in Elevated Positions

• Qualified Climber

• Criteria for Qualified Climbers

Pole Handling Operations

• General

• Pole Contact Precautions

• Receiving Pole Shipment

• Ground Handling

• Long-Term Pole Storage

• Temporary Pole Storage

• Hauling Poles

Pole Installation, Replacement, and Removal

• Pole Holes

• Digging Holes

Climbing and Working on Poles

• General Rules

• Pole Inspection Before Climbing

Pole Climbing and Work Precautions

• General Pole Climbing Precautions

• Wooden Pole Climbing Precautions

• Concrete and Steel Pole and Tower Climbing Precautions

• Hoisting or Lowering Materials

Working on or Near Pole Mounted Equipment

• Surge Arresters

• Switches and Fuses

• Capacitors

• Power Transformers and Voltage Regulators

Aerial Rope

• Conductivity

• Knots and Splices

• Handline and Rope Line Precautions

• Tackle Blocks