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Safe Practices for Electrical Substation Maintenance

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Limit safety risks for electrical workers by implementing safe working practices.Significant safety risks are always present when inspecting, operating and maintaining electric power substations. Circuit interrupting devices such as fuses, switches and circuit breakers require regular servicing in order to maintain an electric power distribution system in a reliable and safe operating condition. Electric power system workers must adopt and consistently employ safe work practices to avoid the risk of serious, sometimes fatal, injury to themselves and fellow workers. This content will provide you with important safety information about equipment and devices found at electric power substations, and safe working practices that should be employed when working around them.


J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A., Guyer Partners


Circuit Interrupting Devices

Location of Protective and Switching Devices

Protective and Switching Device Instruction Manuals

Protective and Switching Device Records

Fuse Usage

Fuse Operating Safety Considerations

Fuse Replacement

Fuse Maintenance

Switch Usage

Operation of Switches

Switch Maintenance

Circuit Breaker Usage

Frequency of Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Maintenance of Nonmetalclad Switchgear Circuit Breakers

Maintenance of Metalclad Circuit Breakers

Maintenance of Low-Voltage Power Circuit Breakers