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Trends Forecast for HR Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand the trends in the HR realm and assist in putting HR as a strategic partner in your business.When you think of human resources, you can no longer just think about the personnel office or employee relations. HR goes well beyond that in today's environment. HR in the workplace must step up and transform into something much different to meet the demands of the future. In order for an organization to remain competitive in this workforce environment, HR will have to rethink, reinvent and reposition itself in the organization. HR must become a strategic partner at the corporate table. It is imperative to understand how the business world is changing. Businesses are more global now and demand much more from HR. It's no longer just about keeping bodies in the seats, but it is about hiring the right people and keeping them engaged. This topic will help professionals understand the employee experience that is needed for the future including the benefits employees are demanding as well as winning the talent war.


Jackie A. Sexson


Employee Experience in the Workplace

• Innovation in the Organization and in HR

• HR Technology - Everything Is Digital

• What Do Employees Want From HR

Employee Benefits and Leave Trends

• Cutting-Edge Benefits

• Wellness Beyond the Office

• Paid Leave

Winning the Talent War

• Turning Hiring Into a Science

• Diversity and Inclusion for Success

• Keeping a Talented and Engaged Workforce

Trends for 2019 and Beyond

• Engaging the Workforce

• Reassess Performance Review Process

• Online Learning

• Flexible Working Arrangements