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An EEOC Audit May Be Coming Soon: Are You Prepared?

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Nearly every business will, at one time or another, receive an EEOC charge of discrimination - make sure you are prepared.

Federal anti-discrimination statutes create a plethora of legal obligations for federal contractors and other private employers. In addition to prohibiting discrimination by employers, federal anti-discrimination laws require employers to exercise due care to take appropriate steps to prevent discrimination, investigate claims of discrimination, take remedial action where necessary. Federal anti-discrimination law also requires certain employers to collect, compile and report certain workforce demographic and pay information. While these responsibilities appear simple in the abstract, these responsibilities become extremely complex in practice because every situation is unique. This topic will help you understand a business's nuanced obligations, so you can establish proper procedures and protocols for your business to meet its obligations and to provide adequate supervision, guidance and training to lower level managers and supervisors. The material will also explain best practices for compiling vital information, documenting efforts undertaken to fulfill obligations, and respond to formal and informal complaints of discrimination.


Timothy M. Netkovick, Royal, P.C Amy B. Royal, Royal, P.C.


Employer Obligations Under Federal Anti-Discrimination Law

• What Anti-Discrimination Law Requires and Prohibits

• The EEOC and Its Enforcement Policies and Procedures

• Recent Developments and Changes in Federal Anti-Discrimination Law

Responding to Discrimination Claims

• Taking Appropriate Preventative Steps to Prevent Discrimination

• Identifying and Investigating Informal Complaints of Discrimination

• Taking Appropriate Remedial Action in Response to Complaints of Discrimination

• Follow-up and Preventing Retaliation

Responding to Formal Charges of Discrimination at the EEOC

• The EEOC's Complaint and Investigation Procedures

• Conducting Internal Investigations in Response to Formal Charges of Discrimination and Compiling Necessary Information to Respond to Formal Charges

• Preparing Employees for EEOC Investigations and Potential Litigation

EEOC Reporting Requirements

• Identifying All Facets of EEOC's Reporting Requirements

• Changes to Reporting Requirements Including EEO-1 Component 2 Reports