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Guidelines for Adequate Documentation of Discipline and Termination

OnDemand Webinar (101 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the proper documentation that is required during disciple and discharge decisions.This material will show you how to build the documentation infrastructure you need to govern the employment relationship from hiring to effective discipline and discharge decisions. Most importantly, we will discuss how to effectively document proactively and defensively in a way that will help, rather than hurt, your company in the event an employee brings legal action.


Charles R. Bacharach, Gordon Feinblatt LLC


Documentation to Establish the Employment Relationship

• Applications

• Interview Practices and What Questions Get Employers in Trouble

• Special ADA Concerns

• Offer Letters and Employment Agreements

Documentation During the Employment Relationship

• Employee Handbooks

• Personnel Records

• Evaluations That Help Employers

• Documentation Related to Medical Issues and Disability

Investigations and Discipline

• What to Document /How to Document

• Keys to Successful Investigations

• The Perils of E-Mail and Social Media

Termination and Post-Termination

• The Termination Meeting and Documentation

• Post-Termination Employee Obligations

• Consideration for Unemployment Proceedings

• Document Preservation