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Ethical Issues in Employment Law

OnDemand Webinar (101 minutes)

Learn how to best avoid ethical pitfalls that could arise in the employment relationship.The employment relationship is a symbiotic relationship between company and employee with each side needing something from the other beyond financial benefit. Employees and companies expect mutual honesty, candor, respect and caring in the employment relationship. The failure to promote such ethical principals in the workplace can lead to disengagement, poor productivity, distrust of management, poor retention of good employees, and ultimately hinder the financial performance of the company or subject the company to increased reputational risk. This topic helps management understand, prepare for, and avoid the potential ethical pitfalls that arise in the employment relationship. The material also explains pitfalls related to legal representation in employment matters, whether from an in-house or outside counsel perspective. The discussion will focus on identifying situations where ethical concerns typically arise and how to manage those situations.


Denise Landin, Landin Thomas, PLLC


The Employee/Employer Relationship

• Ethical Principles

• Duties/Responsibilities to Each Other

Employee Management

• Hiring: Employment Tests and Social Media Searches

• Privacy

• Salary and Benefits

• Termination/Layoffs/Closings

Investigations and Litigation

• Internal Investigations

• Joint Representation

• Inadvertent Disclosures

• Intersection of Criminal and Civil Proceedings