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Key Factors to Help Maintain Arc Flash Safety

OnDemand Webinar (77 minutes)

Learn key factors to help you effectively manage a safety program for electrical workers.Electrical operation and maintenance work involving substations and switchgear presents a number of potential workplace hazards. Switchgear, fuses, surge arresters, capacitors, instrument and power transformers, and associated electrical distribution equipment are inherently dangerous. This information will help you manage an effective safety program for electrical workers.


J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A., Guyer Partners


What Is Arc Flash?

• Description

• Causes

• Worker Safety

Substation Work

• System Operation

• Abnormal Conditions

• Defective Equipment


• Air Switches

• Oil Switches

• SF6 Switches

• Oil-Filled Vacuum Switches


• Characteristics

• Handling

Energy Storing Protective Devices

• Surge Arresters

• Capacitors

• Coupling Capacitors

Instrument Transformers

• Voltage Transformers

• Current Transformers

Power Transformers and Regulators

• Power and Distribution

• Voltage Regulators


• Metalclad

• Access

Stationary Batteries

• Basis for Safety Requirements

• Protective Equipment

• Precautions

Insulating Oil Handling

• Operations