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Massachusetts Noncompetition Agreement Act

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Make sure you are in compliance with Massachusetts' new noncompete legislation.

Massachusetts is the first state to pass legislation that severely limits the scope of noncompete agreements and mandates that employers must provide consideration that is more than just continued employment if it intends to enforce the noncompete. This legislation covers most people who provide services for employers in Massachusetts, even if the company is located in another state. This topic will help to understand what is expected of employers of existing employees and people who are considering hiring employees. This material will explain the steps that employers should take immediately for existing employees as well as the steps that employers should take when hiring employees. The content will also focus on steps that should be taken to ensure that employers realize the necessary protection against unfair competition. Failing to take the steps addressed in this topic can result in having unenforceable noncompete agreements which can make companies vulnerable to unanticipated and unwanted competition.


David G. Gabor, The Wagner Law Group


An Overview of What the Act Provides

• What Is Covered by the Act

• Who Is Covered by the Act

• Rights for Employees Under the Act

• Rights for Employers Under the Act

Action Items

• For Employers

• For Employees

• Companies Considering to Hire an Employee

Best Practices

• Anticipating Trends

• Anticipating Challenges

• An Overview of Legislation on Noncompete Agreements

• The Trade Secrets Act

Top Ten List of Strategies Moving Forward