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Complying with OFCCP's New Compensation Directive

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain a solid understanding of the new compensation director and take steps to ensure you are prepared for an OFCCP audit. In its latest effort to identify and remedy pay discrimination in the workplace and increase transparency with Federal contractors, OFCCP has released a new compensation directive, Directive 2018-05: Analysis of Contractor Compensation Practices During Compliance Evaluation. Issued August 24, 2018, this Directive rescinds the controversial Directive 307 and promises contractors more information sharing in audits, as well as details on how the OFCCP conducts its statistical analyses. This topic will help the persons responsible for administering compensation in your organization understand the new Directive and take steps to ensure you are prepared for an OFCCP audit. The faculty will discuss the factors which led up to the issuance of Directive 2018-05, fully explore the details of its procedures, and provide practical, real-world advice on how to respond. Failing to fully understand and appreciate the implications of this new directive could have serious consequences should OFCCP commence with an investigation into an organization's pay practices.


Matthew J. Camardella, Jackson Lewis P.C.


History and Background of OFCCP Pay Equity Initiatives

• Persistent Wage Gap

• Past OFCCP Initiatives

• OFCCP's Past Successes

Previous OFCCP Compensation Guidance

• Rescission of 2006 Compensation Standards and Voluntary Guidelines

• Issuance of Directive 307

• Compliance Evaluations Under Directive 307

• Pressure for OFCCP Reform and Rescission of Directive 307

Issuance of New Compensation Directive 2018-05

• Overview of Directive

• Transparency

• Information Sharing

• Technical Details of Statistical Analyses and Pay Analysis Groups

Practical Impact of New Directive

• What to Expect During OFCCP Audits

• Strategically Using Directive 2018-05 in OFCCP Audits

• Incorporating OFCCP Techniques Into Proactive Pay Analyses

• Key Takeaways

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