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Payroll Compliance Update: New Laws and Required Changes in 2019

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Make sure you are up to date on important payroll compliance issues.The requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act are complex. Employers often misunderstand how the FLSA is applied, and the rules for determining overtime pay. Misunderstandings about these critical concepts can expose an employer to millions of dollars in back pay claims. This material will explain the requirements for the white-collar exemptions (administrative, executive and professional), how tipped employees are treated under the FLSA, the facts that the Department of Labor uses to determine whether a worker is exempt as an intern, and the Department of Labor's approach to enforcing the FLSA against registries.


Calvin R. House, Gutierrez, Preciado & House, LLP


Status of DOL Overtime Regulations

• What Rules Are in Effect?

• What Is the Status of the Court Challenge to the 2016 Regulations?

• Where Is the DOL Headed on This Issue?

Tipped Employees

• What Has the Rule Been?

• What Legislative Changes Occurred in 2018?

• Is the DOL Proposing Any Additional Changes?


• How Does the FLSA Apply to Interns?

• How Does the DOL Determine Who Is an Intern?

Treatment of Registries Under the FLSA

• Is a Registry an Employer?

• What Is the DOL's Most Recent Guidance on This Issue?