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Respiratory Protection Programs

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Understand the detailed requirements in order to protect your employees from potential respiratory hazards and exposures.According to OSHA, an estimated 5 million workers are required to wear respirators in 1.3 million workplaces throughout the United States. Respirators protect workers against insufficient oxygen environments, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, and sprays. These hazards may cause cancer, lung impairment, diseases, or death. Most safety professionals have already determined if there are any jobs that require respirators. Usually, this determination is made by a careful job hazard assessment (JHA) with the objective of designing the job to eliminate the need for respirators or when that is not possible using the JHA to determine what respiratory protection is needed. Whether you have a respiratory protection program already in place or considering one, it is critical that you understand the detailed requirements - those required by OSHA as well as those required by the manufacturer - in order to protect your employees from potential respiratory hazards and exposures but also to protect you company from potential OSHA citations and penalties.


Edwin G. Foulke Jr., Fisher & Phillips LLP


Inhalation Hazards

Types of Coverings

• Tight-Fitting Coverings

• Loose-Fitting Coverings


Respirator Program Elements and Use of Respirators

• Selection of Respirators

• Fit Testing

• Filters

Training Information and Requirements

• Medical Evaluation

• Program Evaluation

• Recordkeeping