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Ladder Safety Tips

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn more how to stay safe while being compliant when dealing with ladder safety programs.Falls are the leading killer in both general industry and the construction industry among accidents which result in fatalities. This topic was developed to provide the dual benefit of gaining OSHA compliance while at the same time showing the recipient of the training how to prevent injuries and fatalities using these regulations. The developer of this program has had decades of experience using this methodology to create world class injury prevention programs. This program is designed to engage the students causing them to use their minds to assist the trainer to develop solutions and identify problems, and utilize proactive strategies, hopefully, to make the trainer or company effective at leading their company to combine great compliance with reduced suffering and increased profitability. This is always a winning combination; it allows the company to focus on what the company is in business to do, provide their service or product; instead of wasting time and resources which result from injuries and noncompliance.


John Nain, MS, CSP, Nain & Associates, LLC



• Scope and Objectives of This Training

• Frequency/Severity Discussion of Improper Use of Ladders

• Duty Level Identification of Ladders

Understanding the OSHA Regs

• Think About It Learning Activity

• Discussion and Explanation of OSHA Regulations as It Applies to Life on the Job

• Discussion and Illustration of How These Regulations Apply to Guide Your Ladder Safety Program to Be Successful

Applying the Regulations to Achieve a Safe and Compliant Program and Close

• Think About It Learning Activities to Correlate the OSHA Regulation to an Unsafe/out of Compliance Conditions

• Discussion of How to Create a Compliant/Safe Ladder Safety Process

• Test