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Behavior Based Safety

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn the importance of behavior-based safety in an effort to achieve the ideal safety culture in your workplace.

In the past, organizations have focused on improving safety by addressing the work environment, removing or mitigating hazards, providing better tools and equipment, and enforcing safety-related rules and regulations. These are all approaches that, understandably, have worked well at improving safety. But many organizations have reached an injury-rate plateau, finding that relying primarily on these approaches without taking a more comprehensive view of safety produces only marginal gains. Minimizing or controlling environmental hazards is certainly a necessary precondition for an ideal safety culture, but it is not enough. We need to consider how safety is supported through the interaction of equipment, facilities, procedures, and people, and focus on the factors that influence our behavior. Behavior-based safety (BBS) effectively addresses these interactions.


D. Steven Roberts, Ph.D., Safety Performance Solutions, Inc.


Principles for Achieving an Ideal Safety Culture

Principles of Behavior-Based Psychology to Influence Behavior Change

Principles of Person-Based Psychology to Influence Behavior Change

The Behavior Observation and Feedback Process

• The Way the Process Is Supposed to Work

• Barriers to an Ideal Process

• Overcoming Barriers

Designing the Most Appropriate Behavioral Interventions Includes Listening to Employees

• Interpersonal Listening

• Organizational Listening

Path Forward

• A Typical Implementation Plan

• Behaviors Leaders Can Perform to Help Build an Ideal Safety Culture