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Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Act

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

Make sure you know if you are required to comply with the new Washington Family and Medical Leave Act.

The new Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Act is starting on January 1, 2019. Regulations and rules have slowly been developed and released over the last several months, while more are still to come. The questions of who is required to comply with the Act, how to determine what premiums to deduct and how the leave will work has been confusing to many Washington employers. This topic helps those employers who have employees working in Washington state determine what the company's obligations under the law might be for those employees. A thorough overview of the Act and its accompanying regulations will be provided so that you know who is covered, how premiums are calculated, who contributes to premiums, how benefits for those on leave are calculated, what types of leave are covered, how long do employees get to be absent on leave and what a voluntary plan must contain under the Act.


Sharon Jutila, AmeriBen/IEC Group


Overview of Paid Family and Medical Leave Act

• Premiums

• Coverage

• Employee Leaves

Who Works in WA

• Employment

• Localization

• Waivers

What Types of Leave Are Covered

• Family Leave

• Medical Leave

Benefits of Taking Leave

• Length of Leaves

• Protections for Employees

• Pay While out on Leave

Voluntary Plans

• What Qualifies Under Act

• Benefits of Voluntary Plan

• Application Process for Voluntary Plan

Odds and Ends

• Penalties

• Grants