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Tip Credit and Tip Pooling: FLSA Considerations and Limitations

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Gain the information you need to navigate the complex subject of lawful tip pooling.Many employers, particularly in the hospitality industry, rely on tips to help supplement their employees' wages. Many do not have a good understanding of who a tipped employee is under the law, or how their employees may pool their tips. This topic will help those employers avail themselves of the tip credit in a lawful manner under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The information will also help employers navigate the complex subject of lawful tip pooling, such as who may or may not be included. This material is critical to any employer who relies upon (or would like to avail themselves of) the tip credit.


Brian Bodansky, Jackson Lewis P.C.


Tip Credit

• What Is the Tip Credit?

• Who Is a Tipped Employee?

• 80/20 Rule

• Avoiding Liability

Tip Pooling

• Rules for Tip Pooling

• Who May Participate

• Who May Not Participate

Other Issues

• Calculating Overtime With Tip Credit

• IRS Issues

• Credit Card Tips

• Service Charges

• Future of the Tip Credit