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Top Five Must Have Policies for the Workplace

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn which workplace policies are the must-have policies to ensure you are in compliance.Many employers adopt policies based on templates employees find on the internet or borrow from former employers and, thus, have policies in place without having given the why or the substance much, if any, thought. Others have lengthy handbooks that cover every potential workplace issue under the sun, effectively burying the key workplace policies in a jumble of unimportant rules. Still others may not have any written workplace policies at all. This topic helps employers of all sizes ferret out which workplace policies are the must-have policies to ensure those are at the forefront of their day-to-day operations. The material also explains what elements must be included in such key policies to help prepare policies or revise those currently in existence. This information is critical for employers to have proper policies in place to guide conduct in the workplace, as this will help streamline operations and may be helpful to the employer's defense in the event a legal dispute arises.


Mary Margaret (Maggie) Spell, Jones Walker LLP



• Providing Examples of Inappropriate Conduct

• Best Practices for Reporting Mechanisms

• Procedures for Prohibiting Retaliation

Code of Conduct

• Setting Standards of Conduct for the Workplace

• Progressive Discipline Policies

• Holding Employees Accountable

• Outlining Consequences for Failure to Comply

Family and Medical Leave Act

• Creating a Reasonable Call-in Policy

• Tracking Intermittent Leave

• Maternity Leave

• New Tax Credit for Paid Leave


• How Employees Will Earn and When They Can Take Vacation

• Forfeiture vs. Rollover of Vacation

• Considering What, If Anything, Is Due Upon Termination

Internet Usage/Technology/Social Media

• Eliminating Any Expectation of Privacy

• Explaining What Is Acceptable for Email and Internet and on Social Media

Honorable Mentions