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Handling Claims for Injuries Sustained While Using a Mobile Device

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of mobile device monitoring and legal limitations that can limit risks of Workers' Compensation.Today's mobile economy is increasingly changing the workplace landscape. Where work was once completed within a defined space and during assigned hours, it may now as easily be performed at any time of day, whether from home, in a car, while on vacation, or walking down a busy city sidewalk. This state of flux has compelled courts to reconsider when someone is in the course and scope of employment, and has left employers and their insurance carriers seeking means to limit claims exposure. This information will explain the impact of mobile devices on the course and scope of employment. It will inform you of existing federal regulations and state laws governing distracted driving, and explain the importance of creating clear and comprehensive employer policies limiting mobile device use. The importance of employee training, policy implementation and enforcement will also be discussed. We will review mobile device monitoring and tracking options, as well as legal limitations. Finally, you will gain an understanding of how employer policies, mobile monitoring and mobile device use can work together to limit workers' compensation risk.


Dawn Nicholson, Esq., Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby LLP


Managing Workers' Compensation Risk Stemming From Use of Mobile Devices

• Redefining the Workplace - the Impact of Mobile Devices on Course and Scope

• Distracted Driving Statutes and Regulations

• Why the Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Employer Policies to Limit Risk

• Establishing the Workplace Culture

• Considerations for Employer-Issued Devices vs. Allowing Employees to Bring Their Own Devices to Work

• Creating Clear, Comprehensive and Effective Policies

Enforcing Safe Use of Mobile Devices

• Monitoring Mobile Device Usage

• Understanding Federal and State Law Limitations on Monitoring

• Tracking Apps

Building Your Defense - How Effective Implementation and Enforcement of Policies Leads to Admissible Evidence in Claims Litigation

• Violations of Positive Work Orders

• The Flip Side - Using Mobile Devices to Limit Exposure