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Workers' Compensation Benefits: Who is Eligible, How are They Calculated, When and How Can They be Settled

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Gain a solid overview and understanding on Worker's Compensation Benefits.

New representatives of human resource and claim departments will not know how to recognize fundamental issues in workers' compensation, such as what workers are covered and how are compensation benefits computed. In addition, even experienced representatives may need refreshers on these issues, such as whether new worker models, such as gig workers, interns, and contract labor are recognized for coverage in workers' compensation systems. This topic will inform or remind both new and experienced representatives of the types of workers which workers' compensation systems recognize for coverage, how these principles are being applied to worker categories are economy now has, such as gig employment, interns, contract labor in specified industries, and how a business can best shield its liability. This information will tell you both the fundamentals of computing compensation rates for benefits and cover as many states as possible, and provide a blended presentation that informs those both new and experienced to the administration of workers' compensation claims.


Patrick J. Platter, Neale & Newman, LLP


What Workers Are Covered Under Workers' Compensation Laws?

• What Is the Basic Definition of Employment?

• Is Contract Labor Covered?

• Is Gig Employment Covered?

• Special Examples, Such as Transportation Workers, Volunteers, and Interns

How Are Benefits Calculated?

• How Are Compensation Rates Calculated? and What Are Maximums?

• When Are Temporary Disability Benefits Due? and How Are They Calculated?

• When Are Permanent Disability Benefits Due? and How Are They Calculated?

Issues Concerning Settlements

• When Is the Medical Condition of the Employee Important?

• What Procedural Requirements Must Be Met?

• How Should the Employer and Representatives Conduct Themselves?