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Unique Fringe Benefits to Engage Employees

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Discover the advantages of keeping your employees happy by providing unique fringe benefits.Today's workforce is far different from yesterday's. Employees have less loyalty, less disposable income, and greater flexibility in how they lead their lives. Gone are the days when defined benefit pensions took care of us from retirement onward. People are living longer and putting more and more stress on Government entitlements. This content will detail the changes in today's workforce, and identify what is important to them. With this knowledge, you will be able to shop today's health and financial marketplaces for a benefit package that encourages their participation, and loyalty to your company. You will also be armed with knowledge on how to evaluate your program over the years, and be wary of pitfalls you may not have thought about.


Mark Schwartz, MS Payroll


Planning - What to Look for and Why

• Identify Your Organization's Objectives and Budget

• Conduct a Needs Assessment

• Formulate a Benefits Plan Program

• Communicating the Plan to Workers

• Monitor and Evaluate the Plan's Effectiveness

Employee Needs - What Do They Want?

• A New Definition of Career

• Changes in Benefit Admin Strategy

• A Look Into the Future

What It Means for You - Practical Advice

• Health Care Options

• Health Savings Accounts

• Employee Wellness Programs

• Financial Wellness

• Additional Benefits

• Other Concerns in Dealing With Benefits