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California's Abusive Conduct Training Regulation Under AB 2053

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

California is the first state to enact a proactive workplace 'anti-bullying' requirement - make sure you are in compliance.The California legislature has added 'abusive conduct' to topics on which employers are required to provide training to their supervisors every two years. Employers need to know what this adds to their responsibilities. This topic helps those responsible for training and compliance to understand what concerns led to the legislation. You will learn what the legislature means by 'abusive conduct.' You will also learn how that conduct differs from other conduct prohibited by the Fair Employment and Housing Act. The material will include case studies to help you identify abusive conduct in the workplace, and take steps to eradicate it.


Calvin R. House, Gutierrez, Preciado & House, LLP


What AB 2053 Requires

• Existing Law on Harassment Training

• Adds "Abusive Conduct" as a Subject of Training

What AB 2053 Does Not Require

• Does Not Add to the Conduct Prohibited by the FEHA

• Does Not Provide a Basis for a Lawsuit

Content of Training

• Concerns About Workplace Bullying

• Definition of "Abusive Conduct"

• How to Recognize Abusive Conduct

• How to Prevent Abusive Conduct

• Case Studies