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Responding to Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace in the Me-Too Era

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn how to correctly respond to harassment claims and avoid legal repercussion.

Numerous recent, high profile allegations against prominent men have produced nationwide media coverage and elevated the topic of sexual harassment to increasing prominence. The 'Me-Too' movement has ensured that harassment in the work place will remain a focus of discussion among employees, former employees, the media and the public in general. Although sexual harassment cases have been ongoing for decades, many employment lawyers and human resource professionals have seen an increase in claims and filings since the emergence of the allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein. This topic is intended to provide information on preventing and responding to harassment claims in the work place, particularly in light of recent events. The program will describe how to develop and implement policies against harassment, how to anticipate and respond to potential problematic situations, how to investigate a claim, how to develop a culture of non-tolerance, and how to respond or resolve claims after an investigation has occurred. The material is geared toward an intermediate level of knowledge of human resource principles and legal obligations.


George S. Howard Jr., Jones Day


What Is Different Now? Claims in the Me-Too Era

Summary of Legal Principles: What Is Illegal? What Are the Employer's Obligations?

Avoiding or Preventing Claims: A Proactive Approach Is Essential

Responding to a Claim

Possible Legislative Activity

What Not to Do