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Compliance Update for Small Businesses

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Make sure your small business is in compliance with the ever-changing employment law requirements.

State and Federal laws and regulations are constantly being revised or case law makes new interpretations of existing laws. Small businesses are challenged to remain in compliance with the ever-increasing employment law requirements. This information will help the persons responsible for compliance with labor and employment laws to understand the latest developments in key employment laws, including wage and hour, discrimination, handbook policies, and employee leave, and how to modify policies to comply with the new requirements. This information is critical for small business human resources managers and supervisors to ensure they are up-to-date with their legal responsibilities. Gain practical applications that can be used in your daily business.


Heidi Nunn-Gilman, The Cavanagh Law Firm Julie A. Pace, The Cavanagh Law Firm


New NLRB Guidance on Handbooks - a Friendlier NLRB

• Policies That Are Generally Lawful

• Policies That Require Individualized Scrutiny

• Policies That Will Always Be Unlawful

Latest Developments in Employee Leave Laws

• Family and Medical Leave Act

• Americans with Disabilities Act

• State Paid Sick Leave or Family Leave Requirements

Latest From the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division

• Status of White Collar Overtime Exemptions

• Resumption of DOL FLSA Opinion Letters

• Tipped Employee Rules - Circuit Court Differences and DOL's Current Position

Discrimination Claims in the #Metoo Era

• Importance of Handbook Policies

• Importance of Employee Training

• Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination and No Retaliation Investigations

Immigration Law Compliance - Increased Worksite Enforcement

OSHA and Safety Compliance