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Minding Your Qs And Exes: Handling QDROs, QMCSOs And Other Benefits Issues When An Employee Divorces

OnDemand Webinar (62 minutes)

Learn an overview of the most common employee benefits issues that arise when an employee divorces.Not only will a divorce impact an employee's house, cars, investments, and bank accounts, but it will also impact an employee's benefits. In an already emotional situation, employers and benefit administrators are frequently placed in the middle of heated disputes with respect to an employee's benefits, which are typically an employee's greatest unlevered asset. If an ERISA plan assigns benefits in violation of the Internal Revenue Code, the plan could be disqualified. If an employer or plan administrator assigns benefits in violation of the plan or ERISA, a cause of action against the plan and/or employer may exist. This topic will assist the employers and benefit administrators in navigating through the obstacles associated with dividing employee benefits. You will be provided practical guidance in reviewing and complying with QDROs, DROs, and QMCSOs and with the tools necessary to identify and address potential complications that may arise when an employee divorces.


Renee Lieux, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC



• What Is a QDRO?

• What Is a DRO?

• What Is a QMCSO?

How a Divorce Impacts Qualified Plans

• What Should You Do When You Receive a QDRO?

• Exceptions to the Anti-Assignment Clause

• Issues Facing Administrators

How a Divorce Impacts Nonqualified Plans and Other Employee Benefits

• What Should You Do When You Receive a DRO?

• What Happens to Stock Options, Restricted Stock, and Other Incentive Compensation?

• Issues Facing Administrators

How a Divorce Impacts Health and Welfare Benefits

• What Should You Do When You Receive a QMCSO?

• What Happens When Your Employee Fails to Tell You About the Divorce?

• Divorce and the Cobra Rights of Spouses and Dependents

• Issues Facing Administrators

Stuck in the Middle of the Fight

• What to Do When You Receive

- A Subpoena

- Discovery Requests

- A Deposition Notice

• My Employee Handed Me a Copy of Her Marital Agreement. What Do I Do With It?