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Drafting and Managing a Fair and Compliant Tuition Assistance Program

OnDemand Webinar (80 minutes)

Learn how you can transform tuition assistance form a benefit to a strategic tool.

For many companies, tuition assistance is just another benefit. In reality it can have a major impact on your employees and your bottom line. This material will help you understand how to effectively get the most out of your tuition assistance program. You will learn how to shift your tuition program from a benefit to a strategic investment in your workforce, strategies to help you craft a killer tuition policy so you get the most out of your tuition spend and what Fortune 500 companies across various industries do to make their tuition programs a success.


Mark Schwartz, MS Payroll


Making Tuition Assistance Part of Your Benefits Package

How Tuition Assistance Boosts Employee Retention

Four Questions to Answer Before Starting a Tuition Assistance Program

Assessment and Refinement: Ensuring Your Program Is Retaining Employees

Promoting Your Tuition Assistance Program

Mentoring Matters: Adding Academic Support to Boost Your Program's Impact

Emergency Aid: The Right Price at the Right Time

Supporting Two-Year Degrees Pays off for Everyone

IRS Compliance

State Guidelines

For the Enrollee

Case Studies