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Workers' Compensation Handbook Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Ensure you have the right policies and procedures in your workers' compensation handbook to control workers' compensation claim costs.Employers are often placed in a difficult situation when an employee is hurt. Trying to coordinate investigating the injury, managing an injured employee, avoiding fraudulent claims, all while trying to replace the work of the injured worker. This topic will help you avoid that difficult situation by planning ahead of time. After reviewing the basics of a work injury and the other laws that need to be taken into consideration, you will be given the tools to create an internal handbook and procedures to plan for injuries. We will discuss how to create a template for reporting an injury and then investigating it including what to record, photograph, and how to interview witnesses, including red flags that may indicate a fraudulent claim. Once an employee is off from work, you will learn strategies for managing them and returning them to work as soon as possible. This is followed by assistance in developing an internal return to work policy and bringing employees back safely, as soon as possible. By the end of this material, you should have the tools available to create a cohesive workers' compensation guide for your organization and be ready when an injury occurs.


Evan W. Cordes, Hansen Dordell


Anatomy of a Workers' Compensation Claim

• Learn the Basics of Workers' Compensation

• Ancillary Laws That Affect Planning for Work Injuries

• Risk Management Considerations

Investigating a Work Injury

• Internal/External Forms and Injury Reports

• On-Site Investigation Checklists

• Injured Worker and Witness Interviews

• Dealing With Potential Fraud

Returning an Employee to Work

• Policies and Strategies for Managing an Employee Who Is off From Work

• Creating a Return-To-Work Policy

• Strategies for Accommodations/Light Duty Work