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Using Mobile Devices to Communicate Safety Updates

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

Understand the benefits and downfalls of mobile communication in a safety environment.Employers are required to communicate safety information to their employees and for many employers this is critical to keeping their employees safe. This topic will explore employers' requirements to provide such communications, why such communications are important, and the various methods available to employers. It will also cover the benefits and downfalls of using mobile devices for such communications. Finally, it will include OSHA regulations impacting mobile safety communications and recent OSHA updates.


Rachel Conn, Nixon Peabody LLP


Safety Communication Overview

• Employer's Requirement to Provide Safety Communications to Employees

• Why Is Safety Communication Important?

• What Are the Various Methods?

• Use of Personally Owned Devices

• Use With Remote Workers

The Benefits and Downfalls of Mobile Communication in a Safety Environment

• Benefits

- Ease of Use

- Use of Mobile Applications to Improve Safety

• Pitfalls

- When Mobile Communication Doesn't Work

- When Mobile Communication Becomes a Distraction

- Expense of New Technology

- Limitations on Verifying Receipt and Understanding of Communication

OSHA Regulations and Mobile Safety Communications

• Regulations Impacting the Implementation of Mobile Safety Communications

• Recent OSHA Updates Highlighting the Need to Pay Attention to This Issue

- Increased Use of Two-Way Communication Systems