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Final Rule on Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the rules and requirements of Federal contractors paid sick leave.Federal contractors and subcontractors performing federal service or construction contracts will be required to provide paid sick leave under federal rules that went into effect in January 2017. Although seemingly straightforward on their face, these federal sick leave obligations present a variety of implementation and administrative challenges - especially when considered in conjunction with existing federal requirements under federal labor standards clauses and related state laws. This topic helps the persons responsible for interpreting and applying the new federal sick leave to understand the basic requirements and how to ensure full compliance with the federal sick leave rules. The information will also explain how federal sick leave obligations interact with state and local sick leave obligations. Failing to comply with the federal sick leave requirements can lead to significant penalties and sanctions and have collateral impacts under other federal statutes and regulations that contain their own set of draconian consequences for noncompliance (such as debarment). This topic will help you avoid these pitfalls. But just as important, it will equip you with the tools necessary to work with the business side of their organizations on the best approaches to ensure compliance while maximizing employee relations and meeting the organization's strategic and financial objectives.


Eric W. Leonard, Wiley Rein LLP Craig Smith, Wiley Rein LLP


Federal Paid Sick Leave - Nuts and Bolts

• Brief History

- Executive Order

- Department of Labor Regulations

- Federal Acquisition Regulation and Related Clauses

• Basic Requirements

• Applicability Rules for Federal Contracts/Subcontracts

How to Balance Sick Leave Compliance With Obligations Under Related Laws

• Service Contract Act/Davis-Bacon Act

- Vacation Benefit Interaction

- Health and Welfare Benefit Interaction

- Price Adjustments

• State and Local Paid Sick Leave Laws

• State PTO Obligations

Strategies for Ensuring Compliance

• Interaction With Federal Contracting Agencies

• DOL Enforcement

• Price Adjustment Clause Requests

• Meeting Recordkeeping Requirements

• Employee Education and Training Tips