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New Parental Leave Laws in New Jersey

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain an understanding of New Jersey's new parental leave law and learn how to keep your company compliant.For employers, one of the most difficult tasks is tracking employee leave and ensuring that employer policies and practices satisfy the very specific requirements of federal, state, and local parental leave laws. As new laws are created in this area, employers must be adequately informed of such changes so that company leave policies can be modified and reflect all updated leave requirements. As part of this material, you will learn about new parental leave laws that now exist in the State of New Jersey, including specifically the SAFE Act and local paid sick leave requirements in many New Jersey municipalities, so you will be better able to apply such laws in your workplace. Along with learning about these updated New Jersey parental leave laws, this topic will likewise provide a refresher about previously existing parental leave requirements under both federal and New Jersey state law so you will learn how these older parental leave laws are impacted by new employer responsibilities in this field.


Ralph R. Smith 3rd, Esq., Capehart & Scatchard, P.A.


A Refresher on New Jersey Parental Leave Laws



• New Jersey Paid Family Leave

Eligibility Requirements for Parental Leave Under Current New Jersey Parental Leave Laws

• When Is an Employee Eligible for Parental Leave Under the FMLA?

• When Is an Employee Eligible for Parental Leave Under the NJFLA and Paid Family Leave?

• Navigating Employee Parental Leave Eligibility Requirements as an Employer

New Parental Leave Laws in New Jersey

• What Is the Safe Act - What Does It Cover and Who Is Eligible?

• Local Paid Sick Leave Laws in New Jersey - What Are the Requirements and Are Your Employees Covered by Such Laws?

• What Is on the Horizon in New Jersey - Future State Mandated Paid Sick Leave Law