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Utilizing a Travel Policy to Control Travel Costs

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

A well implemented and utilized travel policy can maximize cost control - find out how to build your travel policy the right way.Preparing, approving and gaining travel policy support can be a difficult task, sometimes creating more questions than answers. How can an organization create the best travel policy for the best company outcome? One that maximizes cost control but NOT at the expense of employee satisfaction. 'Utilizing a Travel Policy to Control Travel Costs' will outline the best practices surrounding travel policy: who, what, when, where, why and how? You will learn the correct way to utilize travel policy to create a better traveler experience while controlling costs. We will cover all travel policy components, emphasizing the mistakes to avoid for maximum policy efficiency. Our material draws from our more than 800 client engagements, covering more than 130 countries, and encompassing more than 200 client travel policies.


Neil Hammond, BSc Physics, GoldSpring Consulting


Why Use a Travel Policy?

• Benefits

• Challenges

Purpose of Travel Policy

• Value Proposition

• Organizational Issues

Travel Policy Governance

• Structure

• Management

How to Build a Travel Policy

• Components

• Considerations by Component

Mistakes to Avoid

• Lessons Learned

• Best Practices

Controlling Travel Costs

• Components to Control

• Anticipated Value