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Resilience at Work: What HR Professionals Need to Know about Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Achieve workplace resiliency by making suicide prevention and mental health awareness a top HR priority.

A sustained and comprehensive approach to workplace resilience is needed to help retain and recruit new talent, increase productivity and workplace morale, and even prevent suicide. The topic begins by shattering misconceptions most people have about suicide and making the argument that suicide prevention must be a health and safety priority for HR professionals. Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas highlights several strategies that are considered best practices in developing a sustained and comprehensive approach including 'upstream' approaches that prevent mental health crises from happening in the first place, 'midstream' approaches that catch mental health problems and suicidal thinking before they become catastrophic and 'downstream' approaches that encourage workplaces to respond to the crisis of suicide with dignity and compassion over fear.


Sally Spencer-Thomas, Sally Spencer-Thomas LLC


Part 1: Suicidology 101

• Who, When, Why, How

• Understanding the Suicidal Mind

• Language Matters

• Why Suicide Prevention Is a Health and Safety Priority at Work

Part 2: A Comprehensive and Sustained Approach to Suicide Prevention at Work

Upstream: Building Protective Factors and Preventing Suicidal Despair

• Leadership Engagement

• Fostering True Social Connection

• Lived Experience

Midstream: Early Identification and Support

• Performance Management

• Gatekeeper Training

• Providing Quality Mental Health Services

Downstream: Safe and Effective Crisis Response

• Crisis Resources

• Postvention Tactics

Conclusion: Where to Start?

• Gap Analysis: How Resilient Is My Workplace?